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Measure the finished products of final coining. Check with the inspection standard to judge the variation. Check the Layout and measure whether the size of the project is identical to the mold drawing and whether there's variation of size. In order to judge accurately the variation and the reason, measure the relevant projects before and after if needed, then solve the probel with countermeasures.
CNC Grinding Milling Manufacturing
a. abrasion of knife edge: regrind;
b. excessive gap: the most part of the side face is polishing band, having a low brightness, which narrows the gap;
c. the material is too hard: change material or enlarge the gap.
d. mold chipping: regrind;
e. abrasion of knife edge: large size( cut the outline); diminish (punching); bad flatness, regrind or change the trimming die.
f:No boot:guide pin or other positioning device do not work or feeder doesn't loose leads to no enough path of guide pin. It can not be straightened.
g:Top of improper:ejector pin misallocation, inappropriate spring force or ejection too long. adjust the elastic force or change position or inadequate pin diameter.Wear short the pin.
h:Punching and shearing deformation: irregular mateiral or the size become bigger or eccentricity is not nonsymmetry
i:Pressing and fold the material: keep pressing over-lap tablet keep usually leads to stripper plate break
j:Scrap jam:No bit in blanking hole or different size or not clean punch intime. It happens more in the damamge of puncher pin and die.
k:Punch drop: No set or suspend well or screw too thin or punch break
l:No enough slug hole:no enough size of slug hole or slug hole usually leads to the damage to stripper plate
m:Entry of foreign matter:final product blow-off then rebound or do not blow-off. Mould parts are broken. The screw above the modular surface. All these can damage cavity die,stripper plate,puncher pin or guide pillar.
n:Assembling error:Wrong equipment parts location or direction of the damage
o:Sprig element:insufficient force or fracture of spring or spool unequal which lead to spool tilt. Spring misconfigured leads to knock the component repeatly .
p. Inappropriate stamping: breakdown cuased by the operational height is too low, oil loss of guide pillar, material strap miscarriage or push half material, breakdown of peripheral equipment like freeder, materail rack and material receiving machine, air tube unkitted or not closed, punch abnormity etc.
q. Improper maintain: above situations happen when the the parts should be changed but are not changed, or the screw is not locking, or does not recover according to the original state.
NCH Precision offers all-around services in order receiving, design, proofing, volume production, freight logistics and quality track etc.
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