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Old 06-26-2024, 01:34 AM
Norton Norton is offline
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NEED HELP! Loading drawings from WorkManager into ME10 not working

Hello everyone,
Just joined in desperation as I realize this forum isn't very active but figured someone might be able to help as I'm all out of ideas.

I'm working for a company that's still using WorkManager (rev 16.00E) & ME10, for handlnig tools and instructions for shipments among other things...

Starting early this year, users began reporting problems with getting drawings/files to load from WorkManager into ME10. You can search up the file in WM, select it and get the popup window with the CAD drawing. But pressing the "Load drawing" button that's supposed to send a command to ME10 to retrieve it instead just causes WM to freeze indeffinetly.

The first time this occured it had a cascading effect where more and more users experienced the issue over time. But for some it remained working fine throughout. We discovered that emptying the %TEMP% folder seemed to solve the issue and thought the issue resolved.

Now it appeared again and the previous "fix" isn't working. After a lot of troubleshooting it appears that it works if you log in to a computer for the first time so it creates a new user profile for you.

We have no idea why this works or for how long. It's currently been fine for almost a month on one of the test machines but doesn't feel like a sustainable solution. Client team can't find any GPOs or other settings that would cause this behaviour.

We've also tried looking into the logfiles we know about and also used sysInternals to try and get a clue about where it's writting files and what it's trying to access but haven't found anything

The last person who had any knid of knowledge about the systems left half a decade ago and now no one knows how anything about the prgorams work.

It might be worth mentioning that it's currently set up that both ME10 & WorkManager are hsoted on fileservers and the users start the applications with shortcuts on their desktops. No one has a local copy of it. A empty file called "temp.m" is present under a users C:\temp folder but that's it.

Is there anyone left here that still remembers/knows anything about these two applications? Have someone experienced a similar problem before? Or perhaps just an idea where we could look next?
Thank you.
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Old 07-02-2024, 07:41 PM
frosendo frosendo is offline
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Re: NEED HELP! Loading drawings from WorkManager into ME10 not working

Could this be a Windows permission issue. Depending on the settings writing to some folders requires ADMIN rights. You might try using a temp dir of your creation verses a system one. Do your users accounts have admin rights? Its becoming more common that companies are removing admin rights and that can have adverse effects depending on where applications write too.
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Old 07-02-2024, 09:49 PM
Norton Norton is offline
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Join Date: Jun 2024
Location: Sweden
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Re: NEED HELP! Loading drawings from WorkManager into ME10 not working

Thank you for your reply frosendo. I don't think it's something with admin rights as it works fine for users until it suddenly doesn't. But no, our users don't have adin rights to any of the folders WorkManager or ME10 writes to.

Again, the thing that makes it so strange is that with a brand new user profile everything works like normal. Then after some time it just stops.
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