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Re: open old unix compressed file without extension

Hi Teo,

We've recently helped a customer with this exact issue. The reason it's a problem is that the file was originally created using cpio, which (fortunately) 7-zip is able to open just fine.

An easy way to open the file is to make sure 7-zip is installed on your system. Then right-click on the file and select "Open Archive" on the 7-zip submenu. When it opens the file, double-click on the file inside the archive to open that one (as it's really an archive within an archive). The resulting file (which is often named something like ab12345.mi or some other short name) can then be dragged out of the 7-zip file manager to your desired location and then renamed to something that makes sense for you, and then you should be able to load it.

If you have a bunch of files you need to do at once, you should be able to script something to make it work without too much trouble.

I hope this helps -- please let me know how it goes!

Good luck!

Andy Poulsen
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