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Re: Calendar is seven years behind

I would be happy to turn over this forum to someone who is willing to pay the yearly fees and actively maintain it. This forum has always been a volunteer effort, no one is paid to manage it or answer questions. Given the low use I don't think it is worth my time and effort to update it, but I think it contains a lot of valuable historic information about CoCreate and it's products. There are still a lot of people out there running old versions of the CoCreate applications who need a place to go for help.

There have been some discussions about migrating the contents of this forum to the PTC User Group, but some people have expressed concerns about it. You must register and login to even view the PTC forums, so information will not be found by search engines such as Google. The registration process is not automated and it can take days to get access after submitting your request. People have told me they like vBulletin much better than the forum software on the PTC User site.

But discussions continue and this may happen someday. If it does, we will probably close this forum to new posts and leave it online as an archive with pointers to the PTC User site.
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