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ssusana 10-30-2018 08:41 AM

convert view to dwg 1:1
I need convert .mi file to .dwg scale 1:1, because in annotation the views are scaled and I need convert the drawing in dwg real dimension.
Can someone help me?
Thank you.

ssusana 01-15-2020 01:38 AM

Re: convert view to dwg 1:1
can someone help me?
thank you.

tom kirkman 01-15-2020 06:11 AM

Re: convert view to dwg 1:1
According to PTC, change the drawing and view scales to 1 before converting.

I hope this helps


ssusana 01-20-2020 07:38 AM

Re: convert view to dwg 1:1

;converte i disegni in dwg con viste scala 1:1, utile per esportazioni cad-cam, taglio laser, etc
;necessita d'impostare il parametro "ConvertMIDimensionsToGeometry ON" del file DXFDWG.CON e per questo ne ho creato uno dedicato.
(sd-defdialog 'SntDwg-1.1
:module      "ANNOTATION"
:dialog-title "Converti DWG 1:1"
:toolbox-button nil
                        (setq dwgname (SD-AM-INQ-DRAWING-NO))
                        (setq scale_sheet (sinteco-string-to-number(sd-am-sheet-struct-scale (sd-am-inq-sheet (sd-am-inq-curr-sheet))))) ;convert string to number
                        (AM_SAVE_SHEET_MI :SHEET (uib:get-file-manager-objects) :filename (format nil "c:/temp/~a.mi" dwgname) :overwrite )
                        (SD-SYS-EXEC (format nil "~a/dxfdwg/scala1.1/dxfdwg.exe -m c:\\temp\\~a.mi" oli::*ci-percorso-pers-sinteco* dwgname))
                        (am_drawing_delete :dwg :YES)
                        (AM_LOAD_ANY_MI :ENABLE_WARNING :off :FILENAME (format nil "C:/Temp/~a.dwg" dwgname) )
                        (am_sketch_resize :sketch "1/TOP" (/ 1 scale_sheet))
        ;                (if (<= scale_sheet 1)  (am_sketch_resize :sketch "1/TOP" (/ 1 scale_sheet)) (am_sketch_resize :sketch "1/TOP" scale_sheet) )       
                        (AM_SAVE_SKETCH :SKETCH "1/TOP" :FILENAME (format nil "C:/Temp/~a.dwg" dwgname) :OVERWRITE)
                        (system(format nil "del c:\\temp\\~a.mi" dwgname))
                        (system(format nil "del c:\\temp\\~a.log" dwgname))
                        (am_drawing_delete :dwg :YES)
                :failure (sd-display-warning "Errore in conversione")
                :success (oli::undo  :NUM_STEPS 1)

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