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Theresa L. Wrazel 05-24-2002 07:59 AM

Sectioning assemblies in Annotator
I have not been able to section an assembly view that I created in OSD. There are approx. 7 fairly simple parts in the assembly. Annotator creates the view with the box around it, but the view will not update. When I tried to update the view box, OSD/Annotator locks up. Has anyone had similar experiences? If so, what did you do to correct it?

Michel Gendorn 05-27-2002 01:52 AM

re: Sectioning assemblies in Annotator
Did you check if the part clashing together?

Claus Brod 05-28-2002 02:19 AM

re: Sectioning assemblies in Annotator
Theresa,<p> <p>please run the part checker (in maximum detail mode) on your model. If it reports any errors, make sure you fix those first before trying to update a section view.</p> <p>If that doesn't help, please report the issue to CoCreate support so that we can have a closer look at it in the lab.</p> <p>Hmmm... there were a few cases where moving the section line very slightly also fixed section view update problems. Maybe this workaround could be used in your case, too. If it does, I'd still suggest to report the issue to CoCreate support - thanks!</p> Claus

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