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03-04-2003, 10:32 AM
Hi all!

I am a new user to Solid Designer and Work Manager. My background has included Pro-Engineer, Unigraphics, Catia, and CADDS.

I have been to the CoCreate basic modeling and annotation course (just last week, in fact) and I feel like I have a good handle on using Solid Designer to make geometry.

I am still confused as to how to save files, though, and what the ramifications are on associativity between parts, assemblies, and drawings.

Compounding this problem is the fact that at this facility the users work on the OS file system prior to release of the parts to production, and they only release them to Work Manager upon release.

It looks to me to be quite a challange to store files out on an OS file system and maintain associativity and share data among other users concurrently. For example, the documentation suggests that when saving assemblies as 3D data, it is recommended that all the resulting files be kept in one directory. I'm not sure how to handle pulling common released parts from somewhere doing this, though. Saving assemblies as packages does not seem to make a lot of sense, as this isolates any of the components used in that assembly and prevents them from being used by others (I think???).

My guess is it would be better to use the PDM system (Work Manager) to handle files from cradle to grave, and that is the tact I am going to try.

Does anyone know where I can get documentation for the Work Manager?


03-04-2003, 11:07 AM
Turns out the documentation had not been installed - I had the IT guy come and install the HTML help so now I have a good place to start.


May Kung
03-05-2003, 09:53 AM
There's documentation? I had to write my own here, but that might be because we are still using a pretty old version of Work Manager (5.11) and it's so customized no documentation exists. :(

We use Work Manager here to store files from cradle to grave, at least for the component design group. It's much easier to share files this way and find them later. Some recent hires came from a company that stored 3D data on the network directly without benefit of a PDM. They made it work, but WM automates a lot of the steps, from what I can tell.