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  1. True font silkscreen fonts
  2. Part checking
  3. To Dimension Angle by point and line.
  4. Part and workplane name editing
  5. Better Error Messages
  6. Equidist linetype
  7. Trim to non active part
  8. Netscape
  9. Plug-in for Netscape
  10. Put and get property on dimensions
  11. Save as mi file the area inside box
  12. ME10: CREATE_DETAIL should work in assemblies
  13. Ellipses in SD
  14. Complex swept surfaces in SD
  15. SD: Changing conical features.
  16. SD: Saving session files
  17. File control
  18. ME10 text editor
  19. SD: Should be able to load compressed MI files int
  20. "Add on modules"
  21. SD: thread representation
  22. ME10: Arc STRETCH gives crazy results
  23. DEMO version of SD (as ME10 has)
  24. Hiding parts in ME10
  25. SD: machining direction arrows
  26. ME10 WIN95/NT Plot support
  27. ME10: Improved RUN GRAPHIC
  28. SD: high res. Prints on NT.
  29. Equaldist delete old option
  30. Tapering of Ellipse
  31. Tapering from an edge
  32. Trimming 2 Planar Surfaces
  33. SD: Better feedback on tapering
  34. SD: File menu inconsistencies
  35. SD: Measuring angle of a tapered pin
  36. SD Variable blend with chain option
  37. SD: create a loft using swept
  38. Better File Browser
  39. Construction lines from MI file
  40. Layouts and unfolds in associative documentation
  41. ME10: Allow "Copilot" in macros
  42. Lighting/Printing
  43. Audio Commands or Instructions
  44. SD: Print to scale
  45. SD/WM:Labeling bug
  46. ME10: Better UNDO command
  47. SD: More robust blending
  48. SD: black and white screen dump for fax.
  49. Primitives
  50. SD: macro language similar to ME-10
  51. ANNOTATOR:Need for Spaces in Datum parameter.
  52. ME10/ANNOTATOR: Limit Toleranced Dimension in a St
  53. Extrude or Mill with draft
  54. ME10: "Drag 'n drop" parts editor
  55. ME10:Half Space for use Between Text and a Prefix.
  56. ME: Keep PARTS with GEN. HIDDEN_LINES ************
  57. ANN:2D Geometry Modify Copy Needs Rotate Option
  58. Two Different fonts in same text block
  59. ME10 Centerpoint for isometric circles
  60. ME10: Decimal Points are too Small for Plots.
  61. ANN/ME10:Custom Cross Hatch using Geometric Shapes
  62. Unbend and Rebend in solid model for corner relief
  63. ME10: A Select List that you can Name and Save off
  64. ANN/ME10: WYSIWYG Patterns and Line Weight
  65. SD/Annotation HiddenLine only on/off select parts
  66. SD/Annotation change color by selecting parts/assemblies
  67. SD: sweep and helix in SD Base
  68. SD 5.1: Moving a face
  69. Visually Active Catching
  70. Reference Line
  71. Annotation Undo Command
  72. ME10:>Direct export to raster format
  73. ANN:2D Geometry Modify Copy Needs Mirror Option
  74. Sd:copy part with mirror option
  75. SD: select with graphic browser
  76. Annotation: Move text needs separate ref point
  77. SD & ME10 browsers need to change between drives
  78. ME10: Rescale AND keep dim/text layout
  79. Linux support for SD & ME10
  80. SD: Import IGES with remote processing !
  81. ME10 8.0: trimming
  82. SD, converting geometry lines to construction line
  83. ME10: Circular details
  84. SD Save IGES default to body
  85. ME10: Remember filename
  86. ME10: Notes with leaders
  87. ME10: Reference numbers with a symbol and leader
  88. ME10: Change symbols
  89. ME10: changing circle diameters
  90. ME10: Menu structure is too large
  91. ME-10: Create a circle by ctr and dia
  92. SD Select Command - Should Add PREVIOS OPTION
  93. Dynamic Workplanes
  94. Show rel. no. on front of CD cover
  95. Change Dimension Text Gap
  96. Don't block viewport w/ menus
  97. SD: Work Plane Line Colors
  98. "MESTARTUP" for custom startup files
  99. Axis 3D needs option for point and direction
  100. ME10: catch priority in SPLIT
  101. Shared mirrored parts
  102. Previous active workplane
  103. SD: sweep needs more functionality
  104. Plotter/printer control via macros with use of WIN
  105. ME10: Delete/hide circle CENTERLINE arm
  106. Wm/AM:Auto relate 2D Doc to proper part.
  107. For SD/AM users:Phase out Me10
  108. Rewrite all apps. for NT:
  109. SD/WM: View/add/subtract items from a WM packet fr
  110. AM: creates overlays sheets in 3rd party viewers(S
  111. AM/ME10:Mouse pan and zoom with caps lock:
  112. Wm/AM: Save overwrite like me10.
  113. WM/AM: Dynamic Titleblock attributes are not updated
  114. AM:Annoying messages:
  115. Improve UI Synergy:
  116. Improve UI Quality/Productivity:
  117. ME10: DIM Post/Prefix Inquiry
  118. ME10/SD Programming/Customization on NT
  119. Improved Clipping Planes
  120. ME10: Toggle COPILOT on/off within command
  121. SD saving files has previous name as default
  122. SD: set center for dynamic rotation
  123. ME10 Windows macro support for pipe character like
  124. SD: move a face normal to itself
  125. Workflow functionality in Work Manager
  126. Multiple viewports in Annotation Module
  127. Copy view set in SolidDesigner
  128. SD 6.1 STL translator
  129. SD: Give back the ability to select a list of vie
  130. Customize printing procedures
  131. Annotation: Allow copy of sketch (not only move)
  132. Annotation: Allow copy of views (not only move)
  133. Annotation: Automatical placement of views
  134. Annotation: Allow modification of partial borders
  135. Annotation: Allow Modification of Cutaways
  136. Annotation: Add preview in Create Drawing Dialog
  137. Annotation: Allow reference line attach to dim ext
  138. Annotation: Improve performance of DELETE
  139. Annotation: Improve performance of FILING
  140. Annotation: Improve performance of MOVE
  141. Annotation: Improve performance of Modify
  142. Annotation: add a layer mechanism
  143. Annotation: Unite several drawings into one
  144. Annotation: Introduce an additional name for sheet
  145. Annotation: Select actual sheet out of a table.
  146. Annotation: Allow modification of reference lines.
  147. Select previous in solid Designer and annotator
  148. Annotation: Load/Save Environment
  149. Annotation: Allow dimension of circular symmetry l
  150. SD: Support stereographic displays (3D)
  151. Thread representation in 2D view
  152. Annotator must remember the current file
  153. ANN:SD File browser maintain separate directories
  155. Load version as copy
  156. Annotation: auto dimension
  157. Annotator modify fix dimensions
  158. Annotation Dimensioning - Dimension to Arc/Circle
  161. Allow use of subdirectories
  162. Solid Designer Common distances and angles should
  163. Incorporate VDS environment into SD
  164. Yes to Nat Users Grp in Colorado
  165. No to Nat Users Grp in Colorado
  166. Annotation GD&T Symbols
  167. Annotation Corrupted Files
  168. SD: modify 3d, change radius needs to include diam
  169. Remove fulfilled enhancement requests from this l
  170. Bom customization
  171. ME10: Layers/infos needs to be more user friendly
  172. Dimensioning to the Center of a Slot
  173. ME10: Add by diameter to the measure and create me
  174. Scaling a frame
  175. ME10: filing w/ & w/o hpcat.fil in NT
  176. Annotation: Support pixmaps
  177. Open multiple drawings in ME10
  178. Don't scroll the Part Editor Table
  179. Output Tiff format in ME10
  180. Put the old editor back in ME10
  181. DATUM reference arrow size parameter needed
  182. Allow reattachment of "0" on coordinate dim's
  183. AM: Deleted entities effect placement of new stuff
  184. Dynamic Relations: Allow cams and followers!
  185. Add CLEAR and CLOSE button to the display dialogue
  186. SD Annotation: Load Any MI File As Frame
  187. ME10: Redesign Hatch Area: Pattern
  188. Show rotation angles when using dynamic rotation
  189. ME10: Tangential Dim between arcs, lines, splines
  190. SD: Tangency Weight in 3D Spline
  191. SD: Integrate a rendering/raytracing solution
  192. SD: Integrate an animation tool
  193. Visually Active Catching
  194. Linux support for SD
  195. WM: Packet w/sub-packets
  196. Add material database to SolidDesigner
  197. 3D Revision Checking
  198. WM: Ability to sort alphabetically in listers/fold
  199. ME10: Windows support for display tables
  200. SheetAdvisor-Remove lips/hems
  201. Easier manipulation of features on SA
  202. SolidDesigner: Allow extrude to point --> Pyramids
  203. ME10 2000 multilevel menu customization
  204. ME10 2000 WUI_ dialog results
  205. SD: Modify 3D (Move) also for edges and vertices
  206. ME10 Viewports should be dynamic
  207. Annotation: Improved lay-out of large assembly
  208. SD: Introduce a type of package in an assembly
  209. ME10: Drop PELOOK
  210. Mirror sharing in SD
  211. MacOS support for SD
  212. Grouping some views in annotation
  213. ME10: Ability to CHART Dimensions
  214. SD copilot
  215. Annotator perspective view
  216. SD PCBIF: Improve Browser Handling of Long Lists
  217. Modify Dims single to dual dims in ME10 2000
  218. Shared/modified symb. in browsers
  219. Cooperative working with large assembly
  220. Sd/annotator: easy creating of b/w WMF graphics
  221. SELECT POLY with STRETCH command
  222. Sweep with a 3D tool
  223. SD Annotation View Update Warning
  224. Fix Dxf/Dwg Translator so it adds filename extension
  225. Shrinkwrap
  226. Change ME10's Interface to Match SolidDesigner's (
  227. Add Spell Checking Within ME10 and Annotator
  228. SD: Adding curvature to a formerly flat face
  229. SD: Moving an edge
  230. ME10W: add inquire/edit geometry/text w/ right cli
  231. ME10 2000+ (10.5) - Printer Configurations
  232. SD: export animated gif
  233. Anno. saving drawings support "arrange sheets"
  234. Trimming to construction lines
  235. Annotation: Allow dimension of target symbols
  236. Annotation/ME10: Add "all-round" circle to refline
  237. SD: Compare two parts (variant) graphically
  238. Annotation: customize background color of viewport
  239. Annotation: Improve performance of UPDATE
  240. Annotation: Handle clashing parts during update..
  241. Annotation: reconstruct a lost viewset out of view
  242. SheetAdvisor - Export 2D Flat in DXF/IGES Format
  243. SD: Grayed out check marks in Drawlist
  244. Measure Diameters as Diameters (not radius)
  245. SD: Rotate view with Mouse
  246. SD: Rotate view with Mouse
  247. Give possibility to remove a request
  248. Annotation
  249. ME10 - Multipage/sheet drawings
  250. Left Mouse Double Click to activate Workplane