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  1. Gears calculation
  2. New Icons
  3. Converting strings to number
  4. ME10 - Macro bug
  5. can I use text references in Lisp?
  6. Lisp compile
  7. How to create Annotation geo in Lisp
  8. inq package
  9. what are the value-types for Anno-geo and Anno-texts?
  10. couple of questions on coding
  11. The Common lisp support traditional chinese language?
  12. How to use "(use-package :oli)" ?
  13. How to update the Sheet text . Use lisp program
  14. wacom tablet for ME10 v8.7
  15. How to "trim" numbers in Lisp
  16. Implementing socket communication in Lisp
  17. Print to clipboard
  18. Annotation Macro
  19. Copying Bom Structure In Wm
  20. How do I add a text or symbol to a Flat???
  21. Organizing data
  22. Symbols: now it works, now it doesn't...
  23. OSDD - INQ macro
  24. Running macro in OSDD 11.60
  25. Print BOM table to a CSV file
  26. how to edit the am_customize file?
  27. How to ensure read_file reaching end on each line?
  28. Macro to Print Multi Sheet Drawings from Drafting
  29. How to automatically position AM views via lisp code?
  30. More on compiling (VC++ .NET)
  31. (INQ 101) point offset
  32. Surface Measurement to Calculator
  33. How to save the elements of INQ_SELECTED_ELEM?
  34. No Break in Macros
  35. Selecting elements using a "LAST" command
  36. Active app thru LISP
  37. macro with choices
  38. inquiring current animation settings for current r-set
  39. Activating the direction 3d dialog
  40. Sketch and text reference
  41. polygon cmd
  42. Inquire title block info from WorkManager with in a Annotation Lisp routine
  43. Opening Winword.exe and running VB macro.
  44. Lisp Code - content ID = part name
  45. Macro Protection...
  46. How macro determine user interface?
  47. Clearing attributes displayed in dialog box
  48. Howto: Send Email upon webaccess Workflow task completion...
  49. adding modified templates DDM
  50. using hp-ux bs command in macro
  51. list_global_info
  52. LISP for dimensions inquiry
  53. How to call windows dialog in lisp?
  54. Sdusercustomizedir
  55. How to output the content of a directory into a text file using lisp?
  56. Variable for selecting center of line?
  57. Compressed MI Format
  58. Automatically load environment file at startup
  59. Cannot start internet explorer in OSD using DDE
  60. Any lisp example to read CSV file & import to Annotation?
  61. Setting Part Resolution
  62. Setting Part Resolution Program
  63. :range command with relative path
  64. Lock file
  65. Using :accelerator when defining a command
  66. Wrap toolbars
  67. Annotationdrawing exist or not exist in workmanager. Wich macro-command ?
  68. Dll File
  69. Lisp help needed
  70. ACE Menus in ME10 11.#
  71. How to set all faces transpar full?
  72. Images in menubar
  73. How to select a face in Lisp?
  74. Length Units
  75. How to convert splines in Annotation
  76. How to create owner selector
  77. Control default part and default workplane in sd_customize?
  78. Can someone give me a hint?
  79. how to use self-made packages?
  80. Macro in Unix & Windows
  81. CoCreate Customization language
  82. read file and place line in property list
  83. Strange translation of part/assy [LISP]
  84. Customization Help
  85. Syntax Error in macro ?
  86. Macro menu
  87. Help needed
  88. help needed
  89. Mass Properties
  90. Rename shared part with "basename"
  91. symbols in annotation
  92. sd-hide-graphical-browser
  93. Import to database
  94. Help needed with LISP syntax
  95. Issue creating xx_shortcut.acc files in OSDM 12.01C
  96. Reset toolbars/keyboard
  97. Inquiring all sheet features in a big assembly
  98. Mold Design Customization
  99. freeware editor with syntax highlight for OSDM+2DD
  100. Re menu customization
  101. Lisp: setf vs. setq
  102. Sheet Metal K-factor
  103. slide origin of workplane [LISP]
  104. Sizing OSD 12.01 toolbox
  105. syntax error in use section command?
  106. handy util? make a list of parts starting somewhere in the tree. [LISP]
  107. image with dialogbox
  108. Face Selection
  109. image editor for*.xbm and *.xpm
  110. fill :range with list variable [LISP]
  111. Co-relation
  112. BOM Flag
  113. Text File
  114. external varibal
  115. encript .lsp file
  116. Domain lookup?
  117. to create one DLL from file lisp ??
  118. Toolbar Button to Create Contruction Cross Section
  119. Project centerline of cilinder on flat face [lisp]
  120. Confirm sheet or drawing loading
  121. !!!! Syntax ?????
  122. Inquire Toolbar Item index value
  123. $ Variables $
  124. :value-type for formula expression ?
  125. Creating Sub Menu
  126. Inquiring paper size for printing (Annotation)
  127. compile-file
  128. inquiring WM info
  129. setup printing annotation
  130. Show percentage for slow programs? [LISP]
  131. Adding color to faces
  132. reconvert
  133. text predefined insert in ANNOTATION
  134. sd-set-variable-status
  135. How to account for drawing scale?
  136. Allow only a valid new partname
  137. User input in order
  138. Material density setting issue.
  139. How to send contents of display table to a file.
  140. It won't loop!
  141. Lisp - create spline
  142. sd-defdialog (:mutual-exclusion)
  143. table printing
  144. syntax problem with :range cmd [lisp]
  145. sd-defdialog with an undefined number of variables
  146. Interactive dialog call
  147. hide table in graphical browser
  148. drafting 2005: how to resize icons?
  149. create graphical browser tree dinamically
  150. speed of inq_selected_elem
  151. EXECUTE_STRING IMMEDIATE problem in Drafting 13
  152. Reg : 3D Points
  153. Sheets in ME10 (again)
  154. sd-add-item-attribute-values
  155. table with within the data from file
  156. regarding default directory for sd-create-image command
  157. drafting macros from c
  158. Regarding commands
  159. Overriding variable behaviour
  160. Placing BOM at predifined place
  161. Events on browser
  162. sd-create-display-table
  163. Regarding converting *.lsp to *.dll
  164. How to increase the heap size
  165. DWG modified flag INQ_ENV 0, DISPLAY (INQ 4)
  166. Sm_hatch_user
  167. Construction line icons ME10
  168. Construction circle icons
  169. Modified Quick Bar (more features)
  170. find character
  171. Symbol or Sketch?? (inquiring Symbols)
  172. error regarding drafting
  173. Cannot get the truename of "/System Volume Information".
  174. variable formulation
  175. file list
  176. find subdirectory
  177. what is rollpin dimensions
  178. Regarding C double error
  179. text in dialog box !!
  180. .net Api?
  181. How to know if sketch excists?
  182. Load external data
  183. User editing of a logical table?
  184. function that me controls the existence a file
  185. Variable vs Constant
  186. graphical browsers
  187. how to show message in popup menu [lisp]
  188. Unexpected end
  189. send a value from macro to lisp [lisp]
  190. Deleting Annotation Geometry by Box
  191. BOM Table and ":pick_pnt"
  192. Icon Editor
  193. read-byte problem
  194. wrong behaviour of get_vol_prop
  195. search string
  196. Action attached to the label of a variable
  197. insert image in .dll file
  198. parcel-gbrowser node type
  199. looking for a "grep" function in Lisp
  200. Load a model from Model Manager using lisp code.
  201. insert icon / command
  202. #<synonym stream *TERINAL-IO*> is not of type SEQUENCE
  203. Can OSDM find out its own PID?
  204. INPUT IMMEDIATE using variable for filename
  205. text position outside of view boundry
  206. Get Variable Names
  207. Error message in lisp coding for assembly relation
  208. Help required..how to write a macro
  209. Regarding compiling
  210. line extend
  211. Point Angle
  212. Mutually-exclusive variables problem...
  213. Sheet metal customization does not work
  214. mouse shortcut
  215. Interacting with WorkManager's Oracle database
  216. Load *.pum and *.acc files
  217. Edge Selection
  218. inquiry: partially-loaded?
  219. Verify removed entities
  220. clash_3d output?
  221. Toggle print to file option in macro
  222. Sheet Metal material selection
  223. How to connector file manager use Dialog UI
  224. How to do catch directory?
  225. LISP Syntax for OSDM 2005 2DCOPILOT Commands
  226. Program to Find start and end points of an edge
  227. Program not working
  228. How to set selected View as owner Using Lisp
  229. What is wrong in my program?
  230. Temporary Modify Settings
  231. Problem in edited dimension value selection
  232. AM_CREATE_DIM_TANG - options ?
  233. Adding a lip to a Sheet Metal part programatically
  234. defining isometric view angle
  235. How to find an intersection point using LISP?
  236. Get default windows printer in LISP
  237. How to obtain last generated object using LISP?
  238. LISP error:The function DOCU::HIDE-3DVP is undefined.
  239. Program does not work if units are changed
  240. How to set current real geometry color?
  241. Lisp Error: Negative Index -1
  242. Search for shared Assy.
  243. ... GPNTDOCU ... is not of type SEQUENCE
  244. finding detailed views for modelled parts/assembly
  245. how to find a view belongs to which part
  246. "license-free" ?
  247. Member function returns NIL for strings
  248. help required string comparison add2list
  249. which part/group in 2d view
  250. Invoking dll through Kyoto Common Lisp